Love and acceptance; give love with no strings attached.  Show love and acceptance through your daily expressions of affection, care and concern.  Spend time together  with playing, working and relaxing together.  Show that you feel good about them with hugs.  Often, tell them “ I like what you did/said” and “ I love you”


A sense of belonging; help them build valuable family and community relationships.  Encourage pride in their family’s ethnic background and heritage.  Keep reminders of family events and family history at the centre when the child is having separation anxiety.


Security and safety; provide a safe physical environment.  Set and enforce clear rules and limits.  Be realistic in your expectations.  Encourage them to say “no” to negative pressures.


Trust: be consistent so they know what to expect.  Be sure your verbal and nonverbal messages agree.  Be honest about your feelings to yourself and to the children.  Treat each child fairly.


Respect; accept what they are feeling even if it is different from your own feelings.  Show respect for their feelings, beliefs, actions and individuality by listening with sincere interest.  Make “I feel” or “I believe”, rather than “you are”, statements when you do have to tell children what they are doing is wrong.


Confidence; Encourage them to face challenges and take risks.  Teach them to make decisions and to set goals.  Express faith and confidence in them and their capabilities.  Provide opportunities for them to take responsibility for their actions.  Help them recognize that there are things they must accept and things they can choose to change.  Give them an opportunity to succeed.


Feeling special; Value their uniqueness.  Be optimistic.  Have a cheerful attitude (remember to set a good example).  Try things their own way.  Understand that trying your best is more important than winning.

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