Curriculum, in an early childhood education centre, covers literally everything that happens to a child from the time he or she arrives at the centre in the morning until he or she is picked up at night. It includes planned and unplanned activities. Curriculum is defined as “the sum of an early childhood educator’s knowledge about children’s needs, materials and equipment, and what happens when they meet”.

The planned approach to curriculum development is one in which comprehensive lesson plans are developed with behavioral objectives. When the objective to be met is improved fine or gross motor skills, then the lesson plan will include activities that promote the learning of these skills. Successful curriculum planning, therefore, requires knowledge of developmental and behaviour theory, good observational strategies and the tools to assess whether or not the objective is accomplished.

Curriculum should be based on a knowledge of normal development within a given age span, as well as consideration for the individual child, the individual rate of growth and the unique learning style.

Curriculum for I/T:  In high-quality infant-toddler programs, it is understood that very young children need to play a significant role in selecting their learning experiences, materials, and content. Curriculum plans not only focuses on games, tasks, or activities, but on how to best create a social, emotional, and intellectual climate that supports child-initiated and child-pursued learning and the building and sustaining of positive relationships among adults and children.  Having more motor skill ready areas for child. eg: a bar to pull themselves up, musical toys, tickling toes, playing peek-a-boo can be some examples of curriculum of an infant and toddler in a classroom.

Curriculum for 3-5’s-  Themed learning: under the sea theme would have activities work around that specific theme, sing songs, dramatic play of different fishes and mammals, arts and crafts of sea life etc, physical movement and outdoor play, free play, music and movement are some things that a childcare provider can offer in a 3-5 group curriculum.

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