Wetting the bed at night, or nocturnal enuresis occurs in up to 20% of five to six year old.  As the name suggests, the bed wetting is only during the night without any daytime accidents.  Additionally, there is usually a very strong history of bed wetting in the family.  There are two types of bed wetting: primary nocturnal enuresis means that a child has never been dry at night.  Secondary nocturnal enuresis is like your situation, when a child has had a period of dry nights lasting at least six months before starting to wet the bed again.

Although the exact cause unknown, we believe that it has to do with child’s inability to control the bladder at night.  We do not consider it abnormal for younger to wet the bed because in most cases full night-time bladder control or maturity is achieved by five years of age.  There is usually no psychological cause of primary bed wetting, although psychological or emotional stress may be an important factor in secondary nocturnal enuresis.

Most children eventually grow out of bed wetting.  I would suggest children to drink more fluids during the day, less at night.  Soft drinks that contain caffeine aren’t a good idea either.  This is because they increase the amount of urine produced, so children need to go to the toilet more often or simply as to remind Jerome to go to the toilet one final time before bedtime.

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