Burning Off… ENERGY!!!


A high energy child needs to have plenty of opportunities to burn off their high energy levels; this is a must for a better behaved child and a child that people want to spend time with.  Given to their devices, with no way to burn their energy the high energy child will promptly give into self destructive behaviour, attention getting behaviour and get into trouble every way they turn.  They are not doing on purpose for the high energy child acts impulsively without contemplation.  Bring them to the park, run, sports, long walks to explore is a great way to help burn off their energy without “burning” it on others.

Limit stimulation: AS important as finding energy outlets it is for high energy children.  I must warn about overdoing it with a lot of activities that fall from the normal daily routines.  Too many “new” things put high energy children into brain overload, instead of processing information, their short circuit and behaviour can spiral into some of the worst tantrums, screaming fits, holes in the wall punching episodes you ever witnessed! Again these special children are not trying to be absorbed into a brain that is usually in high gear to begin with, they kind of freak out.

Quiet time: as important as it is for the high energy child to be able to burn off their energy, it is important for them to have quiet time to prepare for naptime and even a small quiet time of reading perhaps around lunch time as their batteries have to recharge and a quiet time before bed helps to slow their brain waves down enough to be able to go to sleep.

Activities like musical chairs, follow the leader, hide and seek, dancing and any type of activities that include using hands like paper mache, playdough will help a high energy child work off energy without harming others.

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