Which Superhero Are You?


“Superhero play helps a child to identify with their own abilities. When a child wears his caped crusader’s outfit, he feels as if he has all the power and abilities of his chosen superhero.

-Pretending to be a brave superhero can also help children imagine what frightening experiences are like and how they can conquer them.

-Superhero play can make children feel more comfortable with trying new things, as it gives them power and strength when they wear a superhero costume or pretend to be a brave hero.

-Dramatic play with central themes of good and bad, friends and enemies and power and vulnerability helps children to learn the difference between these concepts and to understand rules.

-Pretending to be a superhero can help children to develop problem-solving skills, as they examine lots of possible solutions to a problem.

-Children learn to be more creative during superhero play.

-Superhero play is good in helping a child’s physical development, as he jumps, runs and actively imitates the superhuman abilities of his heroes.

-Preschoolers learn about cooperation and teamwork when they create a story together, discuss how the game is going to work and how to solve problems that may arise.

-Superhero play expands a child’s vocabulary and develops their language skills while he interacts with other children and supervising adults.

-When a child pretends to be someone else, he imagines how others feel and he becomes aware of other people’s needs, which build on his empathy skills.

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