Welcome to Learning House Daycare Richmond for early learners! Childcare for creative minds!

We are committed to prepare our students for a journey of lifelong learning.  We consider it a privilege to play a role in your child’s life and take it very seriously.  We are dedicated to ensure that your child’s time at Learning House Daycare Richmond is filled with many memorable and successful experiences.

We aim to provide a joyful, loving and safe atmosphere where every child can develop emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially.

Learning House Daycare Richmond encourages learning and growth through a well-rounded curriculum and play in a structured environment designed so that children may strengthen muscles, build coordination, stretch their imaginations, and have fun.

We believe that each child is special and unique.  Children come to us with diverse knowledge and abilities.  They are capable, curious and interested in the world around them.  We are readily available to help the children foster every aspect of their development.  Children learn by doing.  They actively construct their knowledge through manipulating, exploring, experimenting and investigating.  Therefore, as an early education academy, we aim to promote his/her growth and potential to the fullest.